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Discover the jewel of the Mediterranean on the Adriatic coast,
bordered by bluish mountains, which have protected and preserved its
beauty just for you for centuries!

Tara Rafting

RAFTING on Tara river is an adrenaline sport, a combination of adventure and relaxation. It represents a memorable event for every visitor. It is performed in inflatable boats made especially for wild rivers. These boats can fit 8-10 people. Boat is run by skipper guides. All skippers possess IRF (International Rafting Federation) certificates and all have over 50 descents during the season.


The highest peak of Mountin Durmitor is 2523 meters above sea level called Bobotov Kuk. Higher peaks are Bezimeni vrh, Sljeme, Milošev tok, Rbatina, Lucin vrh, Prutas, Kobilja glava, Savin kuk, Šupljika, Obla glava, etc. Durmitor massif has over 48 peaks with an altitude of over 2000 meters above sea level. Mountain and National Park Durmitor is located in the northwest and is great for hiking.


Prepare your cameras and simply enjoy the beautiful nature, whose beauty is certainly breathtaking. You will see the natural resources that feed the soul and last in your memory. Perhaps pictures will not be necessary, because the images of these amazing regions last long in your mind. And we are sure-you will want to come back.
During these arrangements you will be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes and exciting ride through the mountain regions. In this offer there are excursions in jeeps along: Durmitor, Zelengora Vučevo, Ljubišnja.

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Tara bridge

Tara Canyon

Durmitor Mountain

Does this look like fun? Check out our accommodations.
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